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Improvements of existing processes through optimization as well as creation of new processes and business models require a good digital strategy along with the partner knowledgeable in the appropriate technology. With the right approach you can permanently reduce unnecessary workload and focus your energy where it matters. Consult with us today to understand why others entrusted us with projects in their digital transformation journey.
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Process visibility and control


Maintenance management


Process execution management


Hardware and software integration


Data accessibility and management


Equipment management


Raw materials and spare parts management


Recipe and instructions management


Waste/scrap tracking and management
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Tools for better results

Tools for better results

Higher operations performance, safer work environment, optimal resource utilisation, higher production quality and increased productivity among other things is achievable with the right digital tools. Our industrial solutions built using modern hardware and software technologies can give you better visibility, control and communication capabilities within your business ecosystem.

Throughout solution development we are devoted to guidelines which are important to us and our clients



We focus on user experience to make a solution easy to use and easy to adopt by every user profile. From our experience, simplicity often means pursuing clean minimalism that users are used to instead of letting our designer stand out with their attempted groundbreaking style. We achieve a good user experience by including your end users in the development process, along with our engineers, business administration and legal experts that represent the people that are supposed to adopt the solution. Simplicity isn't just a selling point for us, it's a must-have policy to ensure that users adopt the solution successfully which leads to long term partnerships that benefit all parties included.



Without data you're just wandering in the dark, making business decisions out of a hunch. Even if your hunch could be on point most of the time, you can't confirm that every decision was right or could not have been better. Also, if you haven't already started gathering all sorts of data, you won't be able to move onto big data anytime soon. We know data is a must for competing with businesses in this day and age so we aspire to track down every piece of potentially useful data and record it somewhere for future use. Having complete understanding of your business processes and using the appropriate tools enables us to better assess and satisfy your data needs.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

We can assume Industry 4.0 has been thrown into your face like an empty buzzword more than once. What it means for you to have your solutions designed following the 4.0 standards is having improved information flow, data storing, visibility, accountability, analytics, stability and security. In fact, our programmer's favorite hobby is making sure everything is stable and secure so they don't have to spend time on support tickets. Those are some of many ways in which we design our solutions, and that's what brings you more value from an investment down the line. Even if being 4.0 isn’t important to you right now, we’ll make sure that our solution is ready to transition when you are.

Business cases

Your company can also become one of the satisfied customers who we helped and continue to support. Read more about our experience to understand how you can satisfy many of your needs with just one partner.

A customer from the supply chain wanted to monitor refrigeration systems for cold rooms in order to keep track of temperature regimes and component performance.


Control units of refrigeration systems didn’t have access to the internet so we have built hardware gateways for each control unit with WiFi capability and signal converter from RS485 to UART. Firmware has been developed and installed on gateways to process incoming data over Modbus and publish them over MQTT protocol. A mobile application has been developed for data visualisation and alarming. Additional hardware gateways have been built to send data via MQTT when pressure switches cut power to compressors and ventilators due to low or high pressure values going over or below set values.


A customer from manufacturing wanted to do daily production planning in a flexible way and monitor production performance.


Software system has been developed consisting of web and desktop applications and integrated with ERP to receive work orders and to send back production performance data. Through web application, planner has the ability to schedule and reschedule production by assigning work orders to production lines along with writing additional instructions for operators. Planner also has insight into the status of work orders, status of raw materials and intermediate products. Through desktop application which is installed next to every production line, operator can identify him/herself using RFID tag, see work order list along with recipe and instructions for every work order which needs to be executed, register containers for input and output materials and intermediate products, register produced quantity and report delays in production such as “machine is broken”, “raw material not ok”, “produced quantity not ok”.


A customer wanted to have sales, production and maintenance metrics easily accessible in one place.


Progressive web application has been developed for data visibility through smartphone devices. To gather production and sales data, integration with ERP has been performed and data is transferred using pull-request technology (HTTP). To gather maintenance data integration has been performed using publish-subscribe technology (MQTT) with CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software and data is accessible in real-time.


A customer wanted to track the type and amount of scrap being produced during production execution.


Desktop application has been developed and installed on touchscreen computers mounted next to 1 ton industrial weight scales. Through application, an operator can identify him/herself with RFID tag, choose a type of material to weigh and choose a work order associated with scrap. Once the scrap is put into a container positioned on top of a scale, the operator confirms successful operation through application. To capture weight data, integration between weight scales and application has been performed which included developing communication gateway with firmware and hardware components.


A customer wanted a solution to manage testing activities of physical products in a laboratory.


Web application has been developed to enable laboratory analysts to store data and information about products, test procedures, equipment, technicians, test instructions and performed tests with reporting capabilities. Solution has been developed with the flexibility to support testing and certification of various products.


A customer wanted to develop a smart device for consumer engagement with customer products.


Web application has been developed for the purpose of smart device management and monitoring. A user can track device location, view status and control multimedia reproduction among other things. Hardware with firmware was designed and developed with sensors to enable functioning and control of devices and communication with the web application.